sleep disorder in adults: Contribution of quantum therapy and chiropractic

A French 3 suffers from sleep disorders, 10% of severe insomnia. Learn to identify the causes allows to adopt the right behavior to reduce the discomfort. In this, share the vision and the overall approach of the human body, light therapy and chiropractic are an aid not to be overlooked in order not to fall into the downward spiral of addiction to drugs.

Sleep disorders are dysfunctions of sleep cycles. They can be classified into 3 groups: dysomnies (disturbance of the quality or duration of sleep). These disorders can be of psychological origin (inability to sleep at night), altitude, linked to indigestion substances (alcohol or hypersensitivity to any other substance causing an imbalance organic and / or nervous). Parasomnias and sleep disorders of neurological origin, psychosomatic depression 8) or linked to other pathologies.Les parasomnias are abnormal behaviors during sleep (sleep terrors, sleepwalking, sleep apnea, sleep bruxism …). These parasomnias are indicative of a neuro-organic imbalance not be overlooked.

Sleep is, first and foremost, a matter of hormones. First sleep depends on the action of melanin, a hormone secreted by the pineal gland and regulates sleep cycles. Other hormones are related to near or far with sleep physiology (TSH, angiotensin, ACTH, cortisol, etc …).

Quantum therapy tests the frequencies corresponding to the hormones may be involved in this disorder. thereby re harmonizing these disturbed frequencies allows to break the vicious circle and maximize the chances of regulate sleep. To this, the re organic and emotional frequency harmonization maximizes the ability for the body to rééquilibrer.La chiropractic / KST, by its action through the use of the instrument arthrostim, works on the natural system of feedback or feed- back of the nervous system. The arthrostim delivers a rapid series of light pulses. These pulses create a dam in stimulating the nervous system to the brain, which helps to reset dam emotional, physical dysfunctions that maintain the body as a vicious circle.

By these actions fine, subtle but oh so powerful, light therapy and chiropractic / KST are approaches to be considered for hope break, as and when re frequency harmonization and chiropraxiques corrections, the vicious circle of these disorders.

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