Quantum Rayonex

The device achieves rayonex informatios accurate and precise information on the state of overall well-being of the patient. It can detect changes, initial perturbations in the body and correct them immediately, such as types can not develop any problems.

  • Energy balance (meridians, chakras)
  • Organic balance * (system, organs, pathologies, pathogens)
  • Chronic
  • Environmental disturbances (allergies, INTOLERANCE, sensitivities, sleep disorders)
  • Geobiological disturbance (water veins, faults, global grid)
  • EMI and high frequency
  • Toxins
  • Strengthening of the immune
  • Stress
  • Male and female hormones
  • Suppression of scars
  • Aggression parasites / bacteria / virus

The device Rayonex evaluates the following: vitamins, amino acids, foods, trace elements, minerals, enzymes, regulation dusucre endogenous toxins, hormones, muscle tone and overall health, including understand the harmony of all internal organs.

is the ideal program for people and those who do not want to be losing energy, and for those who want to improve their happiness and well-being. It also includes procedures known nathuropathie histories and treatment.

This approach through Rayonex devices provide excellent results for

  • And various chronic diseases
  • Increased physical and mental performance
  • Disorders apprenntissage
  • Stress Reduction

Thousands of German doctors and practitioners have been using for many years which has enabled sophisticated programs with excellent results.

Prophylaxis with quantum

The experiment proves the quantum iintérêt applications for prevention, such as during periods of seasonal allergies, in phases of blooms epidemic. Indeed, it is possible to use prohylaxiques cures. Reliable statistics conducted in Russia show that the number of pathological aggression decreases by 4 to 6 times depending on the type of affection and by time of application of quantum Prophylactic treatment, which implements the same methods as for therapy quantum . It is also used in sports medicine and medical preparedness for astronautics and spaceflight competitions.