Pregnancy is one of the steps leading to the development of life. Indeed, a child can not be conceived from scratch. An expectant mother needs to realize that the positive development of her child go through the physical health and emotional one. Mom will be more fit, balanced physically, nutritionally, emotionally and energetically, more pregnancy and childbirth will be more pleasant and the child will benefit positively with the ultimate goal of being built.

In the presence of imbalance, of any nature whatsoever, the mother will not have the physical and emotional energy necessary for her child. She will feel the sensation of being vampirized by her child, that is exhausted, not to manage, being overtaken by events, etc. … Faced with this situation, there is a group of people who need chiropractic care, these are pregnant women.

What can chiropractic for pregnant women?

Since 1895, chiropractic, natural approach, third healthcare profession in the world, is a benefit for pregnant women, but alas, that the chiropractor is not well known in France, many pregnant women are sometimes quivivent very bad times unnecessarily.

Maintain a balanced pool is a determinant for pregnancy and childbirth. Musculoskeletal changes acquired during pregnancy, ligamentous laxity essential, the pressure and tension exerted by the fetus are factors favoring the imbalances.

Our goal is to maintain a harmonious rhythm in the movements desdifférentes joints and between the different bone structures. Beyond the aspect physiue, emotional balance of the mother (fear, anxiety, doubt, anxiety …) is taken into account to optimize the functions of the nervous and subtle relationship between mother and baby. Any stress during pregnancy is almost physiological, and contributes to weaving the link pre-natal, it is still necessary that stress is managed and not continuous.

Quantum Therapy

Quantum therapy is recommended for pregnant women to treat their emotional problems of pregnancy, physical, chemical but also energy.

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