Beyond the physical and emotional aspects of food is also great imporatnce. Indeed, why not consider this concept when we know that many problems can have their source in the diet or be significantly worse by the dietary factor as in the child’s behavior and some diseases, as in the adult.

Food intolerance vs. food allergy

It is important to differentiate allergy from food intolerance. Allergies are recognized because of immediate reactions (within hours) and dramatic they ocasionnent (pimples, redness, itching, angioedema, etc. …). However, we know much less the problem of food allergies because they can go completely unnoticed, with no sign or other digestive and emerge as a form of disease a few years later. MALDI Celiac is the most telling example.

Today we are talking more and more diseases of civilization and chronic diseases blamed on the environment and heredity. Medicine is powerless against arthritis, a disease Chhon, a Maldivian celiac, asthma, neurological disorders among children is as autism, schizophrenia, hyperactvité, lestroubles attention, depression, etc. … And if all that was related intolerance alimentare?

Allergy is the visible part of the iceberg. Food intolerance is the submerged part. It can lead to the transformation to the transformation of protein fragments are toxic to the body one of whose main causes of poisoning from heavy metals (atmosphere, dental amalgams, vaccines, medications, etc. …). Food intolerance is detectable by analysis of urinary peptides. Food intolerance is a time bomb.

By most of people recognize without too many problems that irritated eyes, the need to rub his nose constantly, runny nose égalemeent constantly itching and irritated skin are typical signs of allergies. However, there is another form that is not easily recognized and accepted suspected. This form can affect all parts of your body from joint pain and muscle up to the inability to concentrate, think clearly, fatigue, hyperactivity, inability to sleep, bedwetting, ear infections, asthma, etc … this form much more vicious than allergy has some signs that can attract attention: a tongue, the child with abnormally large abdomen, the contour of the anus with redness, dark circles under the eyes, a facies sorry, deleted, turned off.

Detout Through this we can only note the importance of diet and try to understand how our body manages better fuel our food. The chiropractic approach through specific techniques (KST – Koren Specific Technique and TBM – Total Body Modification) and the quantum approach can locate, apprehend and process the chemical interferences, aggravating factors or source of many problems.

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