No pain … need to consult a chiropractor … WHY ??

Excellent article by our Canadian colleague Dr. Charles Leroux:

Do not be lost with some words, the chiropractor is a chiropractor in Canada and chiropractic is chiropractic.

True or False: If I have no pain, no need to consult in chiropractic.

I hear several things about chiropractic. Sometimes it can make me smile, leave me perplexed, or even … leave me on a note of bitterness if I try to remain a diplomat … I would like this week to bring more congruence by aiming at a subject that surface regularly when We talk about health information in general and the role that chiropractic can play for all of us.

1. Pain is often the last symptom to appear.

At every moment of our lives, the body is subjected to several forms of physical, chemical or emotional stress. It is obvious to notice the most important events such as falls, traumas, chemical or food poisoning or situations causing significant emotional changes.

But what we do not always notice (and what is often just as disruptive to our health) is micro-stress, such as prolonged sitting, repetitive movements, poor lifting or twisting maneuvers , Poor eating habits, inflammation, taking medication, sedentary lifestyle, a toxic, polluted or emotionally charged environment.

Over a period of several months or several years, the accumulation of these stresses, combined with a lack of maintenance and a lack of good habits, inevitably leads to a less satisfactory function, the “uncomfortable” takes hold, then Fatigue, fragility and hop:

“I do not know why I have (insert here any bobo, pain, stiffness, discomfort or symptom), I have not done anything yet. That’s just the problem!

Lack of good lifestyle + Lack of maintenance of the spine to ensure the functioning of the nervous system + Accumulations of stress = Health problem to come …

And age has nothing to have: it is rather the accumulation over several years the problem

Muscles, ligaments and joints can be weakened for a long time before the “problem” surfaced. It is often at this point that people decide to consult in chiropractic for the first time.

As you can see, the absence of pain is not synonymous with health. While in some circumstances there may be a time for medication, it is necessary to be aware that most of the time it only masks the symptom without correcting the true cause.

Blurring the alarm signal from the nervous system with medication may cause a false sense of security and expose the system to future injuries, not to mention the side effects that the body has to deal with.

Again here, in the long term, more toxicity, more fragility, the body no longer “responds” to drugs, we choose a stronger medication, so more risk of significant side effects … finally it is a spiral That everyone wants to avoid and in reality, that we must all avoid at all costs.

There must therefore be a more effective medium- and long-term solution than crossing fingers to build and strengthen health. This brings me to the second point

2. Sickness and health are not due to chance and luck: even healthy chiropractic is all right

The solution is based first and foremost on how we view our health. We must stop seeing health as an acquired good.

I bring the idea here that the disease is, for the vast majority of the time, the result of accumulations of deficiencies and toxicity. The disease is not due to chance and, although it may seem cruel to say so, this not bad luck to be sick.

We can not wish health to someone as if we wanted this person to win a contest.

Health must be seen as a continuum, a journey that we must build, maintain and strengthen at every moment of our existence.

Athletes choose chiropractic for the same reasons: performance, recovery, enhanced health, injury prevention, improved coordination, reflexes and balance. Not just for occasional injuries!

Chiropractors are present in most professional sports teams and also in high-level sports competitions, including the Olympic Games. Athletes at the highest peaks such as Sidney Crosby, Michael Jordan, Michael Phelps, Tiger Woods, Tom Brady, Aaron Rodgers, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Evander Holyfield … all of us proud users of chiropractic. It is far more common these days for athletes and sports teams to have a chiropractor on their health team.

So, look at your body like a Formula One car. In fact, it’s your choice, as always … But a wise choice would be to include chiropractic today in your lifetime health strategy, because it is better to prevent To heal.

In other words, do not wait until the fire is taken to take responsibility for your health and that of your family. It’s the best investment and the best health insurance!

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