new concept in chiroquantum: The method being & knowing regarding learning difficulties

After several years of investigation although the explanation are difficult to make, reality catches up, 90% of parents report to us improvement on issues affecting learning in their children.

the method being & knowing.

Accompany any child to success in difficulty with academic learning: attention deficit, dyslexia, poor concentration, difficulty of understanding, motivate…

1 method….3 axes

Evaluation of brain capacities of the child: connection, synchronization right brai – left brain ( establishment of a treatment if needed)

Analysis, evaluation, understanding the profile of mental functioning of the child: global, linear, kinesthesic, auditory, visual… Taking into account the difficulty of each set a goal of each, set a goal of improving by mental profil ( strengths  and personal weaknesses)

Chiropractic analysis of the presence of physical nerve interference( spinal, cranial), emotional, nutritional, toxic, disrupting the proper functioning of th nervous system. ( establishment of a treatment plan if necessary)

For our children, for their future, for our future….open the door, enter

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