Hyperactivity – Disorder Attention: Vision and Approach Chiropractic & quantum therapy

The first question to ask: What if hyperactivity did not exist or at least did not exist as we have this? And if this disease was a series of symptoms? Restlessness, disturbance in attention-concentration, impulsivity …? artificially assembled by pharmaceutical industries to make sales?
There is no one cause for these symptoms., And in matters of remedy, it is supposed to think the clinical approach with differentiated approach for each patient rather than think about the drug approach such as solution. To justify the use of drugs, some taking the ADHD speak of minimal brain damage that could be repaired with remedies methylphenidate. taking amphetamines, it’s like drinking alcohol. There may be a temporary change, I provisional precise.
The attention deficit disorder and hyperactivity (ADD) are serious problems for parents, teachers and especially the child himself greatly disrupting its social life and academic learning. These kids are restless, irritable, impatient, excited, distracted, impulsive, have difficulty staying focused, stay seated. According to the Diagnostic and statistical manual of mental disorders, hyperactivity is not recorded as a behavioral disorder but rather as a potential source of trouble opposition and conduct. The child with ADD, attention deficit disorder, see ADHD, attention disorders associated with hyperactivity, a behavior that requires greater coherence, greater consistency and presence of the parents and adults around him. Thus, the child will not be led to develop a behavioral disorder.
The causes of this disorder and the particular drug treatments remain the subject of share of controversies regarding their effectiveness and significant side effects that can lead to suicide.
It is difficult to fix the boundary between an unruly child and a hyperactive child. It is also impossible to draw up a typical profile of the hyperactive child as hyperactivity one can only correspond to an agitation in another child.
The exact causes of attention deficit disorder with or without hyperactivity are not determined. Research has focused on neurobiological factors revealing a lack of dopamine, an important neurotransmitter in the central nervous system, and magnesium deficiency involved in nerve excitability and the stress response, deficit in almost all (95%) cases of ADHD. Indeed, this deficit can be obscured but there is only one piece of this huge puzzle of hyperactivity and attention deficit disorder. Dietary factors, organic, environmental, must not be forgotten.
A major cause central piece of the puzzle is the joint neuro-biological disruption to disconnection, synchronization between the right brain – left brain, the anterior brain – posterior brain and brain – body. The child is held in a kind of confusion by the inconsistency in the information to integrate, organize, understand that seen receiving. The image he receives st wrong and when he returns, and focus on the object, it appears it different. This logical inconsistency will cause an unpleasant sensation, a permanent effort of concentration, lassitude, fatigue may keep the child under a certain tension causing it to shift his attention to win easily, then an effort to again foist his attention leads to hyperactivity. This flood of erroneous information, incoherent eliminates any point of graduation. This lack of consistency breaks the logical result of reading or perception which is very unpleasant for the child who runs out in vain on-focus gradually bringing the child neglect and attention deficit.
Share this understanding of the problem, this overall vision of the child to work in harmony both physically (neuro-skeleton), chemical (nutritional), psychological (emotional) and energy, the chiropractic and light therapy are two approaches essential to break the vicious circle multi-causal maintaining the child in his problematic. It is very important, essential view that the multidisciplinary approach should not put aside, psychomotor or art therapy for example.

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