Headache, migraine … quantum therapy-chiropractic therapies not to be overlooked.




Headaches are about 90% of so-called tension headaches, migraines and headaches of cervical origin caused by muscular, circulatory or neurological problems but also organic, digestive, food, hormonal, nervous .

Headache, migraine affects both adults and children.

mal de tête


Numerous studies, case studies and numerous testimonials demonstrate the effectiveness of chiropractic care for the treatment of certain headaches (treatment of tension headaches, migraines, Arnold’s neuralgia, etc.).

Migraine is the leading cause of recurrent headaches of the child and adolescent.

In a review of the literature published in 2013, the prevalence of headaches was estimated at 54.4% in children and adolescents, migraine at 9.1%



Consequences on school life

Headaches are a common cause of school absenteeism.

In addition, pain prevents the student from being available for learning. It disrupts the ability to focus, concentrate and memorize.

Are there triggers?

Yes. Migraine children are often anxious. Some situations can lead to a migraine attack, such as school stress, strong emotion (family conflict, back-to-school, excitement) … Other factors are likely to trigger a migraine: intense physical exertion, Noise or light, heat, transport, shock on the head, lack of sleep, a disturbed digestive system, food … Whatever the trigger, good care is necessary because migraine can lead to Absenteeism in children or difficulty in practicing certain sports activities.

Quantum therapy as well as chiropractic, because of their overall approach to the human being, is a valuable help not to neglect during headaches or migraine in order to understand the vicious circle in which the organism is found and maintain problematic.

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