In contrast to spinal manipulation, used by many therapists, which denotes the use of a mechanical force in order to force a joint beyond its passive mobility, but below its anatomical barrier, the concept of chiropractic adjustment puts forward the idea of ​​specificity and intention to act. Indeed, beyond the mechanics, the chiropractic adjustment is to correct the vertebral subluxation, ie the normalization of the nervous system. Different approaches and techniques exist in our profession.

The specific approach and unique in France, in the Cabinet Alpine Chiropractic is based mainly on the approach KST (Koren Specific technical) by using the device Arthrostim.

The arthrostim help restore proper movement – the dynamic tension in the hypersensitive regions that are structurally compromised.

Normalize the feedback loop dysfunction neuro-muculaires thrust through rapid, sequential and progressive.

The model of deafferentation (disruption of communications) and blocking structural bone / joint

The input current of mechanoreceptors (cells present in the joints) the joints informs the brain tissue of the situation through the whole body. The total given mechanoreceptors to the brain and the input current of nociceptors (pain manager) are normally balanced and you experienced the well-being.

Dysfunction of the joint complex causes an increase in the entry of nociceptors, causing:

  • Perception of pain
  • Autonomic Dysfunction
  • Endocrine Dysfunction
  • Immunological dysfunction
  • Cerebellar Dysfunction
  • Cortisol
  • Activity of motor neurons Alpha

Accident, trauma, stress, tissue attached to the area of ​​stress waiting to heal through the current generated by the mechanoreceptors. The dam of mechanoreceptors that target the brain. The extent of the dysfunction is experienced by the loss of balance and focus the brain, with too much focus on data generated by nociceptors (pain). The brain’s response to care is exceeded, the current feedback méchanorécepteurs from the injured area to the brain is not built so appropriate as it focuses its attention elsewhere. The longer this inattention and the injured area still, as the current harmful, painful provenat of lactic acid in muscles immobilized in the lesion perpetuates the cycle of pain and / or dysfunction.

How do you adjust people in the posture of suluxation ?

In order to adjust a person who is standing or sitting with theit arm, head, neck shoulder or other body part in a particular position, we use an specific adjusting instrument.

What is that instrument you’re using for ?

In this office, we have taken special training in the use of arthrostim, a chiropractic adjusting instrument designed to introduce a specific amount of force to the body to correct subluxations. There is no pushing, pulling, bending, twisting or “cracking” with KST. Infent and children seem to especially enjoy the gentle vibration of the instrument.

And then? – What to do?

The arthrostim product specific stimulation of mechanoreceptors in the entry required to break the vicious circle and aim for the brain. Visits to the son, your body looses more and more areas that stimulate the vicious cycle in order to regain normal activity as the micro-méchanorécepteurs, macro-input current stimulates the brain. This s’expand and focuses beyond the current generated by nociceptors (pain).

You find the balance and experience the well-being.

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