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Why do babies and children?

The problems underlying spinal problems and: or brain may start rather than you think. Indeed, it was shown that the birth process itself can cause problems in the spine, the skull of a baby can affect distance. If you’ve ever watched a little trying to master the art of walking, you know that learning to walk is marked by constant falling. Children a little older are also at risk of spinal trauma. Sports activities, falls bike, poor posture and backpacks are among the most frequent causes. The fondtions of physical, mental, emotional child being built during the first eight of her life. There are now ways to enhance its vitality with Chiropractic Pediatric belongs.

Interference physical, chemical and emotional generating vertebral subluxations are linked to countless health problems such as asthma, colic, ear infections, bedwetting, attention disorders, disorders with dyslexia, dyspraxia, etc. … As the child grows older, untreated vertebral subluxations may also déclebcher headaches, back pain, scoliosis attitudes, etc. …

Here are some examples of combining scientific reccherches vertebral subluxations with disorders of childhood.

  • Ear infections (otitis) : Researchers evaluated 46 children under five years with ear infections. 93% of children recovered within 10 days of chiropractic care (J Manipulative Thera 1996; 19:169-77). Another study focused on five children with recurrent infections ds of the middle ear that received medical treatment for six months but was not restored. All children showed improvement in their condition with five chiropractic adjustments (J Clin Ped Surg 1996; 1:66)
  • Colic : In a study of 132 parents of children with colic, 91% reported that their babies had improved after spending an average of two to three chiropractic adjustments (Eur J Chiro 1985; 33:264-5) . Another study of 316 babies with colic, reported to 94% bé, Efics improvement following chiropractic care (J Manip Phys Ther 1989; 12:218-8)
  • Asthma : A study recruited 81 children with asthma. After two moi_s chiropractic care, 90% of subjects showed significant improvement in their quality of life (Green Sub Res J 1997, 4:41-8). In another study, 76.5% of asthma patients reported having received chiropractic care (Bull Eur Union Chir 1978; 26:17-37).
  • Attention Deficit : A study by the University of Mississippi has compared the drawings to chiropractic treatment placebo in seven young people with attention problems. Five children showed better results in behavior. The report concluded that “chiropractic manipulation – the chiropractic adjustment has the potential to become an important intervention without medication in hyperactive children” (J Manip Phys Ther 1989; 12:353).
  • Bedwetting : A study of 57 enuretic children, 46 of them after 10 weeks of chiropractic care followed by 2 weeks without treatment, 1 (children formed the control group. The results revealed 25% of the treated group had 50% or more reduction in frequency of wet nights when no improvement was noted in the control group (J Manip Phys Ther 1994; 17 (9) :596-600).
  • Scoliosis : A study combining chiropractic care and rehabilitative therapy has rvélé that the combination of chiropractic adjustments and postural therapy had significantly reduced the size of the angle of Coober among the 19 study subjects (www / frames.html).
  • Immune Function : A study was conducted to assess the evolution of the immune system of 11 persons in care chiropratqiues 3 months and 9 months compared to a control group without special care. The results revealed a positive and significant immune responses as to the T and B lymphocyte, natural killer cells and CD4/CD8 ratio (J Green Sub Research 2006, 16-11).
  • Orthodontic treatment and Chiropractic : A study was conducted on the effects dessoins chiropratqiues in people with problems and malocclusion in orthodontic treatment. The results showed 50% ds orthodontic cases presented a malocclusion. In 66.6% of cases, the orthodontist had a positive relationship with respect to chiropractic care for patients with malocclusion. In 83.33% of cases, orthodontic were largely positive about the chiropractic treatment during orthodontic treatment. In the vast majority of cases, the orthodontist has pointed to the benefits of treatment (s chiropractic in reducing symptoms associated with malocclusion giving the orthodontist better conditions to develop a treatment to correct occlusal biomechanics of each patient (WFC’s 10th Biennial Congress International Confernce of Chiropractic Research, Montreal, Apr 30-May 2).

Quantum Therapy

Childhood diseases of concern o the parents, since they were nonetheless a good start to test the strength of immunity of the child, helping to build its defense system. The repeated and systematic antibiotic drug case that building process may even lead to a blockage of immune functions. This opens the door to flood of other diseases by setting up a vicious circle.

Quantum therapy goes to the heart of the problem by eliminating the overloads that affect the immunity of the subject. It allows defenses to be built at their own pace allowing the child to gain strength and robustness.

The therapy is effective in many areas: acute illness (inflammation of the middle ear, pneumonia, common cold, etc. …), (inflammation of the intestine, cases of allergies, etc. …), functional and organic, but also new diseases for which there is still no effective treatment.
With emphasis on prevention rather than drug use, you can give your children a significant impact of the concept of well-being and future health care choices.

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