Burn-out: chiropractic – quantum therapy, approaches to get through …

Tired, discouraged, demotivated … everything is not as rosy in the office and you have trouble getting up every morning. Be careful, you may be affected by the burnout, this famous burnout syndrome.



How to straighten the bar and regain the energy needed?



In recent years, burnout syndrome has received a lot of attention. Burnout, or burnout syndrome, is not a disease in the strict sense of the word, if one sticks to a strict definition of the word “disease.” Symptoms are sometimes difficult to define and vary from person to person. Nevertheless, a growing number of people are burnt. The International Classification of Diseases defines the term “burnout”, but does not classify it as a disease, but rather as a condition, falling under the category “Problems related to difficulties in coping with life”.


This phenomenon mainly affects women. They often have to share their time between work and family life, as well as managing their self-imposed demands, which makes them more vulnerable.


 Literally, burning out is “burning from within, burning out. It is a small fire wear that finds its source in the professional setting. In question ? The chronic stress that many of us suffer at work.


“Contrary to what is often thought, the primary cause of burn-out is not psychological, but physiological. This point is very interesting and makes chiropractic and quantum therapy a not insignificant role not to be underestimated in the management of this problem, far without false.



It is due to heavy and repeated stress. Stress is a reaction of the body, which allows it to put itself alert in time of danger. The problem is that today the emergency has become a way of life. People are on the alert 24 hours a day. Result: their bodies are exhausted. And this tiredness of background will have an impact on their morale. Doubts about their skills, their qualities, self-depreciation, irritability … Very soon, emotional exhaustion is added to physical exhaustion.


Burn-out “is a process, not a state.” A process that can have different degrees of severity. “We do not have to go all the way to bounce back. Knowing that the evolution of a burn-out is very slow “.

But one day, we reach the end of exhaustion. “Suddenly I cracked”, “he / she fell the lead,” can we hear. The characteristic of burn-out: very often, the person who is affected does not immediately realize it. No more than his entourage. “This person will tend to do too much. She will constantly think about her work, make herself always available and take a frantic pace without necessarily realizing it. In doing so, she will lose contact with herself, forget herself, and end up no longer taking account of her limits. ” Until one day, lose control.


Burn-out: and after?

In the face of burnout, we have the means to react. Provided you know how to recognize the symptoms. These include: severe fatigue, sleep disturbances, irritability, aggressiveness, ruminations, loss of concentration … But also physical problems like respiratory pressure, headaches and stomach … The sign that does not deceive among all these symptoms? “When this background fatigue does not go with the holidays and the accumulation of tension and stress resumes as soon as the return to work”.


How to get out?

To get out of the burnout, it is often necessary to get help. The complementary chiropractic-quantum therapy can be a valuable aid. We have seen that the root cause is not psychological but physiological. This point, anecdotal in appearance, is an essential key to address this problem that presents itself as a mosaic. In this, because of their global approach to the human body, chiropractic and quantum therapy are two very valuable approaches. The analysis will establish your strengths and weaknesses, organic-hormonal

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