Quantum Therapy

Main axis of the method. Evaluation of the presence or absence of a disconnection/desynchronization syndrome in each of the three pillars. Frequency evaluation of cerebral capacity of the child. The analysis and correction of vibrational frequencies will be initially on neurological areas but also other areas where there importance is not to be overlooked because of their impact on the functioning of the nervous system as intestine system, neurotransmetors brain hormone system, emotional and psychic system. The first axis is based on three pillars.

Pilliar 1: Evaluation of the presence of a malfunction  in the integration, connection, synchronization of body/brain. This axis is that of centering and covers the area of psychomotor communication, communication body/brain, problem of organization, expression, lack of insurance.

Pilliar 2: This integration provides the possibility unhindered communication between the two hemispheres via the corpus callosum. Bottenecks at this level affect learning, thought and body coordination.

Pilliar 3: Front brain /Rear brain communication between the frontal lobe, ability to process and express information, and the back of the brain earlier  given what we known. Disruption of free trade  between the forebrain and posterior brain. Difficulty of anticipation in reading, comprehension, person tend to focus on one subject.

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