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The human body is today in many zgressions SUBMISSIONS: physical (work, falls, accidents …), nervous tension, emotional distress, pollution, radiation, drugs, Chemical Additive, etc. …). The accumulation of these charges eventually do “last straw” for many patients. This manifests itself as a health problem, undefined diseases, chronic fatigue, fibromyalgia, etc. …

The chiropractic approach and quantum can take charge of how these accumulations optimum physical, chemical, toxic and emotional. It is interesting to note that there are often multiple underlying causes in cases of chronic

A retired and in great shape, why not?

Aging is normal. Age badly, it’s painful. We do not all grow old alike. When our approach loses its “fringance” many factors are in mind, the exercises that we will or will not do!

Among seniors, chiropractic care may in fact be useful as a preventive action of the loss of flexibility, range of motion and finda good postural balance. It is true that if the universal laws of gravity are the same for all, over time, musxuloskeletal system no longer has the potential of yesteryear. Joints are less flexible, muscles weaker and more relaxed posture. Older people can retain their mobility thought regular chiropractic care, combiningthe use of appropriateexercise to prevent ankylosis and limit the effects of joint degeneration that can lead to to disability. Chiropractic techniques because of its specific adjustments will help to find small joints greater range of motion and soothe muscle and joint pain.

Retirement does not mean the cessation of activity, on the contrary! Move and that, regardless the age, is asign of health, as well as gentle, defined and adapted chiropractic ajustement can truly brougha new breath of life.

As we age, muscles that normally maintain our spine start to collapse, lose their tone. Our movements are not as well balanced. When this happens, our pouvent vertebrae begin to move incorrectly, causing local irritation and cause swelling that affect the spine. One is left with nephews interference that may cause problems in other parts of the body. These are problems that are often considered by many to be normal in the elderly, such as arthritis, poor circulation, constipation or other intestinal disorders gastr-and stiffness in the joints. this is not true, they are not normal!

Remember that these symptoms that you stand out as being those of arthritis or some other people tell you as such can sometimes be greatly relieved by simple exercises, good nutrition and the help of your chiropractor.

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