4 reasons to come and see her chiropractor during pregnancy.

– Maintain alignment and fluidity of the spine
– misalignments, blockages. dysfunctions of the spine are common during pregnancy as a result of thrust forward of the center of gravity. Chiropractors use precise, effective and gentle corrections or adjustments to accompany your body in a smooth transition to these postural stresses.
. Pains, discomforts
– Many women report significant relief of pain and disorders from pregnancy through chiropractic follow-up.
– Easier labor and delivery
– 50% reduction in the need for pain relief in women who have chosen a chiropractic follow-up during their pregnancy. Less medication = less risk of complications for you and your baby.
Postpartum Care for Mom and Baby
– Improved posture posture, more fluid and comfort to breastfeeding.
– Faster recovery of vertebral and pelvic biomechanical functions (pelvis).
– Relieves the mother of back pain, muscle tension and other residual discomforts of childbirth.
– Allows faster recovery.
For Baby:
– preventive examination following a childbirth with forceps, suction cup, etc. in order to avoid the baby’s skull being marked
– when your child cries often for no apparent reason, and you can not calm him down
– if your baby has difficulty sucking on one side
– in colic of the infant or other digestive disorders such as regurgitation, reflux
– if he often wakes up at night or seems restless
– for ENT disorders such as: otitis, sinusitis, angina …
-if you notice deformities of his skull
– if you notice an attitude of torticollis

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